4-1-1:  The 4-1-1 is a productivity tool that drives your goal setting from the desired end results to the present.  4-1-1 stands for four weeks, one month, and one year.  Set yearly goals first, then monthly and weekly goals.

8 x 8:  A lead generation schedule consisting of eight touches over eight weeks.  A high-impact, high-saturation technique that is designed to put you in the number-one position in the minds of everyone in your Met database within an 8-week period.

Aha’s:  A self discovery of a moment, statement or action you find inspiring, worth remembering or motivational.

ALC – Associate Leadership Council:  A group of individuals drawn from the top 20 percent of Market Center producers.

Allied Resources:  People in a position to help others reach their goals.  These are individuals you have met that you expect either to do business with or receive leads from every year.

Associate:  An agent who joins Keller Williams Realty is referred to as an associate because they are treated like a stakeholder in an interdependent business model.

Big Rocks:  If you are given a glass, different materials, large rocks, small rocks, pebbles, sand, water; fit into the glass in different ways.  By putting water first, then sand, then pebbles, then small rocks, then big rocks, you would fit less material.  If you put the big rocks in first, etc…, you can fit more materials into your glass.

Big Why:  The biggest motivational factor in your life that pushes you daily to excel and be your best both personally and professionally.

Capper:  An individual who produces sufficient GCI and contributes enough company dollar to the Market Center to satisfy his/her annual commission cap requirement.  After capping, the individual keeps all commission income.

Company Dollar:  The money the Market Center keeps after all the agents are paid their commissions.

eEdge:  KW Customer contact and relationship tool designed specifically for Keller Williams agents.

Fill Your Bucket:  During staff meetings, you might recognize an individual who has helped you by going above and beyond their job description — you might “fill their bucket.

 GCI – Gross Commission Income:  The total amount of commission dollars the Market Center receives from a transaction.

MC – Market Center:  Term used instead of “office.”

MCA – market Center Administrator:  The MCA is responsible for implementing and maintaining all operating systems in a KW Market Center.

MREA or the Red Book:  Millionaire Real Estate Agent book written by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.

OP – Operating principal:  The OP is responsible for the success of the business venture.  They are also for bringing Capital, Leadership, and Accountability.

Paid On Volume:  Closed Sales Volume on which the associate paid Company Dollar (until they cap).

Profit Share:  Amount of Market Center profit that is sent to KWRI for distribution to the appropriate Associate in the Profit Share Tree.

RD – Regional Director:  The Regional Representative who administers KW in a geographical area.  RD’s award franchises to prospective owners and see that the KW Model is followed in their Region.

TL – Team Leader:  The person at a Market Center who is responsible for recruiting/selecting sales associates.  The TL also trains and consults the associates to performance.

The Model:  The process set forth by Keller Williams Realty International that describes the guidelines to be followed for the successful launch and profitable operation of a Market Center.

Transmittal:  The monthly process through which the Market Center closes their books and sends their information to KWRI.  Transmittals are due by the 3rd business day of the following month.  Market Centers transmitting late are assessed a late transmittal fee of $100 per day.  This late charge is never waived.  Successful transmittal is a critical task for the Market Center leadership team.